Erik has written several academic publications and four books. Bang For The Buck, that presents Erik’s model the Influence Matrix which explains and measures the effectiveness of marketing communications, Kontroll, which explains the elements of effective communication, Värdet av Konst, which describes the value of art for individuals, organizations, and communities and the doctoral dissertation Understanding Advertising Creativity.

Bang For The Buck


Bang For The Buck (June 2017, Swedish) uses the so called Influence Matrix to explain the elements of effective marketing communication. The English edition is coming soon.


Many argue that the age of old media is over and digital channels are the future. Is that true? The answer can be found in the understanding of which marketing investments are the most effective. The question is how we compare sales with brand-building without comparing apples and pears. In Bang for the buck, the reader gets guidance in what will always be common to all channels – the customer’s brain. Measurement values can first be compared and give us insights about what each brand should focus on when they form a whole.

In his book, Erik Modig presents his model, The Influence Matrix, which is a tool for management, communication, marketing, and sales departments so that they can link and optimize daily work.


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Kontroll – Effektiv kommunikation och kampen om våra tankar (March 2015) explains the elements of effective marketing communication. The English edition is coming soon.


The era of Communication is here. Kontroll takes you on a journey to the world’s top communicators and their recipes for effective communication. Based on brain research, you gain knowledge about how effective communication can control behavior, attitudes, sales, brands, likes, shares – and the fight for your neighbor’s thoughts. Kontroll is for those who want to be able to create and evaluate effective communication as well as understand the underlying mechanisms of how communication can spread and have an impact. Kontroll rapidly climbed the ladder on Bokus’ bestseller list and reached place no. 2 in a short period of time in the category encyclopedias.

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Värdet av konst

Written together with journalist Karolina Modig, Värdet av Konst (September 2013), describes both the fundamental, social, and cognitive value art has for individuals, companies, and society. The English edition is coming soon.


Värdet av Konst shows how art can make you think differently, and how companies and society can use the art for development. After one week Värdet av Konst reached a place no. 6 on Bokus’ bestseller list for cultural books. The book is aimed at artists, politicians, companies, gallery owners, art investors, advertisers, museum directors, and last but not least, art lovers. It is simply suited for everyone who wants to understand and enhance the value of art in his or her life and in the environment. Värdet av Konst teaches you how to use the value that art has today and will have in the future.

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Understanding Advertising Creativity


In November 2012 Erik published his doctoral dissertation at Stockholm School of Economics. The presented research documents how advertising creativity works and how it can be used to boost advertising effectiveness.


Today advertisers face the challenge of securing advertising effectiveness by producing an advertisement that gets the consumers’ attention and shapes their attitudes and behavior. One suggested way to reach these objectives is creativity. Both advertising industry professionals, awards, effectiveness reports, and research support this notion that what makes advertising effective is creative excellence. However, research has shown that advertising professionals seem to have a little formalized understanding of how advertising creativity works and how it is defined and measured. Current research needs to better understand the response to creative advertisements by documenting how advertising professionals and consumers assess and value creativity. By applying new perspectives and new theories this thesis investigates the effects advertising creativity has on consumers. The thesis reviews the academic research on advertising creativity and contributes with five articles to increase the understanding of advertising creativity and how perceptions of creativity influence advertising effectiveness. In so doing, it plays a part in advertisers.

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